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Skin Care and Diseases

White raised bumps on chin



Hello, for quite some time now, almost a full year perhaps, I have a cluster of small and medium sized white bumps on my chin just where the skin folds inward. (when i push out my tounge, then i can see them clearly, but when i don`t, then I can not see them, if that helps to visualize where they are)Also, occasionaly they will get infected and turn into boils. I wash everyday and such and clean well, but these buggers won`t go away! I searched around quite a bit, but no one seems to have exactly what i have. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!


You did not give me your age, but from the description of what you said, it looks like you are simply demonstrating the significant hair follicles that form on the lower lip, chin and nails.  They are most notable for the first time as puberty progresses.  They can occasionally get infected (although uncommon) or you may have acne vulgaris which is common in the adolescent.  The only way to be certain that what you are describing is simply hair follicles that are prominent, would be to see a board certified dermatologist.  He can also evaluate you for acne and/or for other infectious agents that might occasionally produce pustules on your face and in your beard.  Good luck!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati