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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Scar tissue in the throat



My son, now 25, was suffering extreme depression last spring and tried to kill himself by swallowing drano, the crystal form. At present he is on respitol and pain med. and sometimes sleeping pills. He is having his throat dialated every 2-3 weeks because of scar tissue closing off the back of his throat. He had surgery in October where the doctor cut the scar tissue, but it keeps comming back. He does sitll eat between dialations but it is painful at times. He also has a tube in his stomach. My question is is there anything that would help reduce or eliminate the scar tissue in his throat. In my research I`ve come up with Mitomycin C, as well as Propolis Throat Spray & Wound Wash. I think if he has surgery again that he should use the Porpolis spray to prevent new scar tissue, but I am not a Dr., I am a concerned mother. Please advise or refer me to someone who can help. Thank you so very much.


Unfortunately this is a tough situation.  The only one treatment that may help is application of mytomycin C after the dilatation.  This may be difficult depending on the location of the scar and it may or may not help. I do not know propolis as an option.  Please discuss these issues with his surgeon.

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Lee   Zimmer, MD Lee Zimmer, MD
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