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Lung diseases

Tightness in neck



I have recently been experiencing a tightness in the front of my neck. It feels like I have a tight turtle neck on, even when wearing a tank top. Is this something I should be concerned about?


From your description, it is difficult to ascertain what might be causing this symptom and if it is serious.

In the most serious case, throat tightness can be a form of heart pain or angina.  It is usually associated with shortness of breath, occasionally sweating, nausea, or radiation down either arm.  If you are also experiencing these symptoms, it would be very important for you to see your regular physician quickly for a thorough evaluation.

Throat tightness can be a symptom of an enlarging thyroid or goiter.  Other structures in the neck may also enlarge to give a sensation of neck tightness.

It would be worthwhile to see your regular physician and discuss your symptoms to determine whether any further evaluation is necessary.

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Ralph   Panos, MD Ralph Panos, MD
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College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati