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Thyroid Diseases

Hypothyroidism and Ovarian Cysts



I am 56 years old and just found out that I have both ovarian cysts and hypothyroidism. Can you tell me if there is connection with un-treated hypothyroidism and the formation of ovarian cysts?


There have been a few reports of cysts in hypothyroid women, but they were still having periods and the hypothyroidism was pretty severe.  Their cysts went away when the hypothyroidism was treated.  This doesn't seem to be very common, since none of the four endocrine textbooks I looked at mentioned ovarian cysts when they discussed hypothyroidism.  I guess the answer is that it is possible, but not certain, that the cysts are related to the hypothyroidism - assuming it is not just mild hypothyroidism.  Your gynecologist should be able to advise you further regarding the proper course of action.

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Thomas A Murphy, MD, FACP, FACE Thomas A Murphy, MD, FACP, FACE
Associate Professor of Medicine
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