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Can chlamydia reoccur?



I was diagnosed with chlamydia and myself and partner were treated. Symptoms had dissappeared for about 2 months and now have come back. It is possible for chlamydia to reoccur and what it the possiblitly that it will continue to keep reoccuring even after treatment?


Usually the standard treatments for Chlamydia will result in a cure; especially if both you and your partner were treated at the same time. However, there is an occasional person who requires a second treatment. It sounds like you should have repeat testing done to confirm that it is due to Chlamydia (and not something like bacterial vaginosis, which is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina which can sometimes happen after taking antibiotics).

It is extremely unusual for Chlamydia to reoccur - if it does, it more than likely is due to a reinfection. Talk with your doctor to make sure that you are being treated with adequate medicine - azithromycin 2 grams (4 500-mg tablets) almost always results in a cure!

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W. Fred Miser, MD W. Fred Miser, MD
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Director of Ohio State Medicine Residency Program
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