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Help me fight tendinitis pain



I have been suffering with pain in my right knee, left side, for about 3 months now. I have taken gabapentin which a neurologist had prescribed for about one month but of no use. Then the doctor suggested I visit an orthopedic consultant; there he made me take an x-ray and made the conclusion that I am suffering from tendinitis. I have taken painkillers for a week, but the pain has not subsided. So, please help me.


Treatment for tendonitis consists of many things.  Since many cases of tendonitis are a result of overuse, stopping the activity which started the pain is often necessary for a short time. 

Icing the tendon, 20 minutes every hour, will help decrease the inflammation of the tendon and help relieve the pain.  Anti-inflammatories are also often used to help with pain and inflammation, but you should check with your doctor prior to starting any new medication. 

For cases of tendonitis which have gone on for a long time like yours, physical therapy is often needed.   If your pain is not resolving, make a follow-up appointment with your doctor to see if physical therapy may be an option for you.

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