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Breast Feeding

When should you not breast feed your baby



When should you not breast feed your baby.....any disadvantages and will mental problems affect me breast feeding my baby.


Breastfeeding has many advantages for both the mother and baby. For the baby the nutritional advantages are that the milk is the perfect food. The nutrients found in breastmilk promote brain and nerve growth, and proteins are easily digested. In addition it has anti-infective and anti-allergic properties. For the mother she gets an enhanced closeness to the baby. The hormones of lactation often cause the mother to have increased sense of well-being. However there are times when breastfeeding is not recommended. If you live in the USA and have HIV or AIDS you should not breastfeed. Some medications are also preclude breastfeeding. If you are on medications you should talk with your pharmacist about your specific medications to see if they are compatible with breastfeeding. If you are concerned about your mental health and breastfeeding, consult with your mental healthcare provider. Additionally, you should also talk the baby's health care provider, and share your medical history and medication with them, and then together you can make the decision regarding breastfeeding.

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Tina   Weitkamp, RNC, MSN Tina Weitkamp, RNC, MSN
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