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Exercise and Fitness

Correct stair climbing posture



We have set up a walking path for workers to use on their lunch break. We would like to incorporate stair climbing and need to know the proper posture for climbing stairs. Also we would like to know if there is a chart to calculate how many calories are burned for a certain # of stairs or flights?


Proper stair climbing posture includes:

Neck and shoulders should be relaxed. Look forward but periodically look down to check for the stairs.  Avoid bending the neck to look down for extended periods of time.

The entire foot should be placed on the step. Do not allow the heels to hang off of the edge of the step.

Lean forward slightly from the hips but keep the back straight. Do not arch your back. Avoid locking (over straightening) your knees while climbing up.

The website, www.caloriecontrol.org, can assist you in calculating how many calories you are burning.  This calculator is based on the length of time of the activity and your body weight.


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Patricia A Woellert, MSW, MEd Patricia A Woellert, MSW, MEd
Program Manager
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati