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Root Canals

Sick after root canal and filling



I had a root canal a few days ago along with a filling and I was supposed to have another root canal in my bottom left molar. Once the dentist drilled into the tooth for the possible root canal, he decided that the decay was too extensive and he suggested that I have the tooth extracted. This will be my third extraction in the last few weeks, all do to badly decayed teeth. I was given three very sttong injections of novocaine and did not experience any discomfort at all. Several hours later, I got very sick to my stomach , had a case of the runs and began vomiting. The next morning I awoke feeling very weak, along with a temperature of 99. Today is the 3rd day since this happened and I am feeling very lethargic and weak. I have no apitite. What is happening? Could this be from all the work I have had done lately, or was this just a coincidence that I may have picked something up?


I do believe it is a coincidence that you may have gotten the flu after having dental treatment (at least that is what it sounds like). Your symptoms sound like those of a lot of people here at OSU. Most dental infections stay localized to the area of the infection and only very rarely come on as quickly as you have described. A bad dental infection can cause fever and malaise, but does not cause the GI problems you are describing. Be sure to check with your physician if you don't feel better soon.

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John M Nusstein, DDS John M Nusstein, DDS
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