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Broken condom and prostitute in Thailand



I was having sex w/a prostitute in Thailand and the condom broke. I continued having sex for about 45 seconds before I noticed and put a new condom on. If she was HIV positive, what would the odds be of me contracting the disease? Mind you, HIV has been dramatically reduced in Thailand so it`s prevalence is not as common as many think. Also, I worry I might`ve had microscopic lesions on my penis from a woman`s teeth the night before(sorry, just being honest). Blood was not present. I know this behavior is risky--and I don`t participate in it often--but how risky was something like that? What are the odds of me contracting HIV? And what about a very small drop of blood from a woman on the tip of my finger for about 6 seconds? Am I in danger? Thanks a lot for your help.


The risk of HIV transmission increases if there are open lesions or sores on the genitalia. Your risk of acquiring infection in the manner you described is high. You may want to get HIV tested in order to know for sure.

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