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Bone loss from braces



I am 34 years old and I got my braces taken off approximately 3 months ago and have been using the "perfector" to move my teeth into the final position. I went in for x-rays because my front bottom teeth are quite loose and it doesn`t appear to be hardening. The x-rays show that the bone has receded. I am planning on getting regular retainers in hopes of resolving the issue of loose teeth. Question - will the bone grow back and how long does it take for the teeth to harden? Thanks!


There are a number of factors that must be analyzed to answer your question. I have no way of knowing if you have any contributing factors such as periodontal disease. Certainly a standard retainer would add stability, but it seems that if you have bone recession, you need to ask your general dentist about that or consult with a periodontist. Bone loss does not come from orthodontic treatment per se, unless there are other systemic or localized hygiene factors.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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