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Digestive Disorders

Pain after Gall Bladder Removal



I had my gall bladder removed four months ago due to pain from gallstones and inflamed, enlarged gall bladder and three previous attacks. Prior to removal, I had ERCP to rule out blockage by stones and there was no blockage. One month later, I had similar pain which turned out to be appendicitis and my appendix was removed. Both removals were done by laporoscopy procedures. I still have lowgrade pain in my abdominal area above and below my belly button and slight, annoying nausea, both of which comes and goes.

Is this normal after such procedures and is it likely to disappear as time goes on or is it possible I have some other disorder? Do I need to avoid certain foods. Are there any enzymes I should/could be taking to help fat absorption since I no longer have a gall bladder? My gastroenterologist has recommended a colonoscopy.


Pains like this are common after any surgery. You may have some gastritis and being on an anti-acid medication may help with the nausea feeling. If the pain worsens or becomes persistent then you may need further testing. These types of pain usually resolve over several months.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati