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Face and Jaw Surgery

Tinnitus and a jaw correction



The case is complicated. During my last trimester ( 8 months pregnancy) I had an infection in my right down wisdom tooth which was treated with Amoxiccilin for one week. The pain was gone. One month after giving a birth I had a pain in my jaw and I could not open my moth. The dentist gave me the Amoxiccilin again for one week. The pain was gone. The same time GP found I have an middle ear infection in my right ear, which was treated with ear drops.Two days after I lost hearing of my right ear and than the 24 hours tinnitus with a sound shhh started.A two week after a had my first menstruation and my first attack with it ( I was feeling like on a boat, my body, hand and feet went aroun, sickness in my stomack and huge shhh in my right ear).Than I went to chinese accupuncture doctor and was told it might be kidney problems ( sometimes I have pain in my kidneys ) and hormonal inbalance in my body ( He gave me hormonal herbs for drinking). The tinnitus went slitly down but stays still for 24 hours. I visited a dentist who adviced me to correct my jaw. The problem are two teeth which were pulled out in my upper jaw since a was a child and this causes the problem. The doctor offer a long term treatent for my taste quiet expencive treatment for less than 3 year ( to pay 6 000 pounds), which includes pulling the upper jaw forward and later on the down jaw to be pulled farward as well. He said that the problem is that the upper jaw is going tawards to the right ear and my right infected wisdom tooth is going towards to the right ear as well. It causes the tinnitus. I agreed. He gave me braclets for mu upper jaw. A few days after I had a second attack ( dizzines, vommiting, a room was going around, no energy in my body to get up from a bed, shaking hands,feeling like on a boat, after giving me water vomiting water as well).After the attack the tinnitus stoped again. The qestion is what and who is right? Shall I undergo the less than 3 years correction of my both jaw? Or is it a hormonal imbalance of my body due to my pregnancy? Or kidneys disorder?


As you very well state it, this is a complicated situation.  By the description of what has been going on, I think that the best approach would be combination therapy, because you may have more than one issue going on at the same time.  It seems to me that before you consider any type of corrective jaw surgery, you should address the problem with vertigo and nausea. 

I recommend a visit to a neurologist or otolaryngologist familiar with balance disorders.  These are typically related to problems with the inner ear, where the balance apparatus resides.  Once you have this one issue under control then you can consider the jaw surgery.  I just think that having surgery under the current conditions may just complicate things even further.

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Guillermo  E Chacon, DDS Guillermo E Chacon, DDS
Associate Professor of Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University