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Vascular Surgery

Numb middle finger



Hi, I`m not quite sure if this is the correct category to ask this question. Recently, I have noticed that my left hand (third finger, distal phalange) feels a little numb in the cold weather. It doesn`t last for long. It`s gone after my hand warms up. I`m 24 and have never had this sensation before. Does this have anything to do with carpal tunnel or an impinged median nerve? What can I do to fix this problem? How long does it take? Thanks for your help. I`m curious as to what has caused this!!


This may be a condition called Raynaud's syndrome where vasospasm causes the vessels to constrict in cool weather. Keeping the hands warm with the use of gloves or mittens (even in the car with air conditioning) can help. Good luck!

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