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Dog poop in pregnancy



Is it dangerous to scoop dog poop during pregnancy


Most of the concerns regarding pet litter in pregnancy centers around cats. They are the hosts of the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. The parasite can be released in the cats litter and by poor hygiene, passed on to the cat owner. It is the initial (acute) infection that can harm the unborn baby. As many as 25% of people have evidence of previous exposure which is not known to hurt the unborn baby. This is why pregnant cat owners should exercise good hygiene when cleaning cat litter. The other reassuring news is that it seems only rural, outside cats are at risk of harboring the parasite since they obtain it by eating infected mice. Your best defense is good handwashing and/or using your pregnancy as an excuse to get someone else to do it. I know of no risks to pregnant moms by cleaning up after a dog.

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