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Vaginal Discharge



Is it normal to have a jello-like discharge as large as a fingernail? (or should one only worry if there is blood present?)


During pregnancy there is an increase in the mucous secretions for the vagainal or cervical areas. These secretions are often thick, white and acidic. These secretions will accumulate in the cervical canal and form a mucous plug. This getting plug stays in place until the cervix begins to efface and dilate. If you are pregnant and ready to deliver, you may be passing part of your mucous plug. However, there could be another cause of this discharge including an infection. Some of the most common types of infections are: Trichomoniasis which is often asymptomatic in women. If there is a discharge it is usually yellow-green, frothy and odorous. Chlamydia, which has a thin or purulent drainage. Gonorrhea which is usually asymptomatic, but may have a purulent, greenish-yellow discharge. Candidiasis (yeast) often has a thick white curdy discharge with severe itching. Since you do have a discharge is important that you seek the advice of your health care provider.

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