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Breast Feeding

Gassy breastfed baby..3 months old



My baby passes an extreme amount of gas...all day and all night long!!!He doesn`t act very fussy all the time...most of the time he just passes it and thats it... Sometimes after his 7:00 pm feeding until bedtime feeding he seems fussy...and he only sleeps 5 hours straight at night and lays there passing the gas upon waking..I think that the gas is causing him to wake...Is it only the dairy in my diet that can cause this excessive gas? He will be 3 months old April 1. I use Mylicon with almost every feeding. Thank-you.


Many babies pass gas frequently for a variety of reasons. Do you burp him at the end of each feeding? Even though he is being breastfed he can swallow air while crying or nursing, so be sure to burp him at the end of each feeding.

How is your diet? Are you eating foods that produce gas in you? If so most likely your baby will produce gas. Also sometime infants are sensitive to milk products, so you might want to decrease the amount of milk you are drinking. It may take up to two weeks to notice a difference in your baby after you have eliminated gassy food and milk. Mylicon should only be used as directed by your son's health care provider. You need to be careful not to use too much too frequently.

An infant of three months old sleeping five hours in a stretch at night is fairly typical (and many mothers would be thankful to have a child sleep that long!!)

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Tina   Weitkamp, RNC, MSN Tina Weitkamp, RNC, MSN
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