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Vascular Surgery

Arcuate Ligament Compression Syndrome



Recently I had a renal arterial duplex part of the findings lists; Mesenteric: Elevated velocities in celiac artert with normal breathing. however, with deep inspirations velocities decreased to 178cm/s suggesting arcuate ligament compression syndrome. Can you explain what this indicates? Is further testing needed? Would this cause shortness of breath? GI issues? Or another strange symptome; when tryinng to do sit - ups a large knot in the center of my rib cage?


The velocity in the mesenteric artery you have included is not at a range I would consider clinically significant. Because the diaphragm attaches in this area, many normal people will have changes such as these with a deep breath in where the diaphragm descends and pinches the artery a bit - often a normal phenomenon. In general, this should not cause shortness of breath or a large knot in the center of your rib cage.

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