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Kidney Diseases

Left flank pain, worse with bending



I have had left flank pain for a couple of months, but not constant. It is much worse in the morning and with bending and twisting, especially if I bend or twist to the left. If I am just sitting or walking, it usually doesn`t hurt. I recently was diagnosed with Prostate infection (which I have had problems with off and on for years), but my physician did not think this was related to the prostate. Could the pain be related to the prostate infection, kidney infection, or more likely is it related to muscle?? It did go away with the antibiotics, but is now back, with no symptoms related to the prostate problems I had before.


Because of the position of the pain, a likely diagnosis would be neuro-muscular. I agree that it is unlikely to be prostate related. The resolution of the pain with antibiotics may be coincidental, but a kidney infection is a possibility. A urine analysis should uncover a kidney infection in most cases. Imaging of the kidney may be required to eliminate other potential causes.

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