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Infectious Diseases




I was born in 1967 and had the booster shot when i was young. That being said can i contract the mumps virus? yes i have been in contact with somebody that has it.


After the introduction of live attenuated mumps vaccine in 1967 and its incorporation into the MMR vaccine, mumps became rare in the US. Mumps vaccine is among the most effective childhood vaccines. Even though the vaccine is effective, if most persons in a population are vaccinated, most cases in an outbreak would also be expected to be vaccinated. However, if the vaccine hadn't been used, the outbreak would have affected everyone, rather than a small percent of the population. There has been an ongoing mumps outbreak in the United Kingdom (UK). This outbreak was mostly among unvaccinated young adults, 3.3% of them had 2 doses of mumps vaccine, and 30.1% had one dose of mumps vaccine.

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