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Kidney Diseases

Could I have a bruised kidney?



I had a fall and hurt my back area,[mainly the right butt area]. Called my Dr. but he was on vacation, so nurse suggested I come in for urine check as I had had a kidney infection 3 weeks ago. Test came back negative, so no infection. Kidney area hurts at times. How long will it take to heal, and what can I do to help it.

Thank you in advance!


I rather doubt you have a bruised kidney as the trauma would have had to be very significant and a fall would not likely do this unless you had a high speed impact or fell off a ladder. Even if your kidney is bruised, a negative urine analysis would not eliminate the possibility of a bruised kidney. You would need to have an imaging study of your kidney to detect a bruise (like a CT scan or an ultrasound). I am not suggesting you do this because even if there is a bruise to the kidney (and I doubt there is) there would be no special intervention if pain was the only problem. More likely it is a bruise to the musculo-skeletal tissues in the flank. It could take several weeks to heal. If the pain is not diminishing but persists or worsens then have your doctor check it out.

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