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Bipolar Disorder (Children and Adolescents)

Recognizing Adult Bipolar Disorder



I know you specialize in Bipolar for children, but I figured you`d be able to at least know about the symptoms for adults. Well I am 20, and have had many `life changing` events in my life. My mom and brother have both had anxiety and depression and well I`ve been the 1 to keep my emotions held in. I do get mad very easily about stupid things, and then there are days where I dont even know why I`m still here. Very rarely have happy moments, but when I am happy, I am very happy. I respect life, but get very frustrated with people at the same time. Does this honestly sound like I would be leaning towards Bipolar, or just plain old depression?



Thank you for your excellent but challenging question. Without conducting a comprehensive psychological assessment of all the symptoms you have and don't have and your developmental, medical, treatment and family history, it's impossible to know if you have any psychiatric disorder, let alone bipolar disorder. I think the most important thing right now is that you're not happy with your life and you need some help understanding why and how to change that. Therefore, I'd suggest calling your local university, community mental health center or National Association of Mentally Ill chapter to ask for names, locations and phone numbers of mental health professionals with whom you can schedule an initial evaluation.

I hope that helps. Take care and best wishes.

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Nicholas   Lofthouse, PhD Nicholas Lofthouse, PhD
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College of Medicine
The Ohio State University