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Senior Health

Is my mother sick or just aging?



My mother had partial hip replacement 6 wks ago after a fall. She lives with me now. She says she hurts all over her body: skin, bones, and muscles. She even cries out in the night with pain. She also has diarrhea constantly -- never a normal stool. She has little energy, but this is due to heart disease. Are the rest of her problems normal aging, or does she need to be evaluated. If so, her doctor does not seem to want to stay in the room long enough to answer my questions. Can you direct me to someone around the Jackson, TN area?


Although you don't mention her age, your mother's complaints are outside the usual for normal aging, especially the diarrhea. Her physician needs to be informed about her complaints and, in particular, about the diarrhea right away.

Here are some suggestions of geriaticians that you or your mother may be able to contact in your area:

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