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Smoking and Tobacco

Clove cigarettes



will smoking clove cigarettes make you feel like you have nausea all the time?


A small study published in 2003 examined physiological and subjective effects of clove cigarettes in comparison to smoking a regular cigarette. A clove cigarette is composed of 60% tobacco and 40% dried clove buds. Clove cigarettes do not have the ventilation holes in the filter that many cigarettes have, and thus the smoke is not diluted with room air. While a clove cigarette contained less nicotine than a regular cigarette by weight, the person was able to extract similar amounts of nicotine from the two cigarettes. Individuals smoked more puffs and took more time to smoke the clove cigarette - possibly because it was more tightly packed. Nausea was not identified as a common symptom. However, nicotine exposure was at least as high as with a regular cigarette. Changes in smoking style may affect one's response to clove cigarettes. A rare side effect is acute respiratory distress. (Malson, et al., 2003, Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Behavior).

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