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Kidney Diseases

Nephrectomy of non-functioning kidney?



Through a visit to my doctor for sacral pain a hematuria was seen in my urine and through ultrasound and CT scans I have recently found out that my right kidney has hydronephrosis and no kidney stones. My doctor gave me antibiotics for the hematuria and a month later at my urologists office my urine looked fine with no sign of hematuria. A renal exam showed that my right kidney was functioning at about 12%(my urologist & radiologist didn`t think it looked like it was doing that). He said it was probably from a UPJ obstruction and was not reversible. He said there is no telling how long it has not been functioning. I am 41 years old and would like to know your recommendation on whether to have the kidney removed or leave it in and monitor it?


As long as it is not causing pain, recurrent infection, or blood loss resulting in anemia, there is no reason to remove it.

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