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Vascular Surgery

Superficial vein throbosis



Ive been diagnosed with a svt, the pain starts behind my knee and goes to below my calf..ive had 3 ultrasounds that have cleared me of dvt..ive been taking an asprin a day for the past 3 months, along with daypro..my calf is still swelling..my question is how long should it take to heal, and/or should i see a specialist..ive been dealing with my gp and it doesnt seem to be getting any better..ive had this pain since november of 06, with the diagnosis in january of 06..


You may have other reasons for your swelling such as problems with the valves in your veins. I would suggest a venous ultrasound to evaluate the function of your valves in the deep and superficial veins of that leg. This would not normally be part of the DVT study. Good luck!

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