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Breast Cancer

Sore on breast



I am in my early thirties and with a large chest. I have never experienced sores on my breast before and suddenly I found what in the dark looked like a bruise. But when I went to the bathrm it was under my left breast and looked like a bite/bee sting gone bad. I "popped" out the what I thought was a stinger from a huge yellow bumble bee from work that day and it blead and then seemed to be going away and then suddenly I look about a week later and it got big again and so I began to try and pop it again, and this time lots of dark blood came out and then pus and then clear stuff and light normal looking blood came out. Now I noticed that there is a hole in that spot and its still red around it and it also looked like my skin on that spot just peeled away like nothing. I am afraid of what it was- should I be concerned or was it just an absessed area? Thank you


Of course, it is difficult to make a diagnosis without seeing this area under your breast in person. But, from your description, it sounds like you've developed a superficial infection of the skin underneath your breast. The origin of this infection is questionable, whether it involved a sebaceous cyst or a hair follicle, I cannot interpret. I'd suggest that if this area does not heal that you should seek medical attention. Most primary care physicians/health care providers are quite capable at assessing skin lesions. If you need an incision and drainage of the area, then an appropriate consultation can be placed.

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Jennifer B Manders, MD Jennifer B Manders, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati