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Vascular Surgery

Blood clots and vein bursts



A teacher I know, she`s about 30, has her right arm very bruised looking. this bruised appearance seems to be the cause of her veins being larger than normal also causing enlargement and disfiguration of the arm. I was wondering what is the cause of this bruising and enlargement of the veins in her right arm? Also could this have any effect if she was pregnant or might consider pregnancy? Also could this irregulate her blood flow? Can this be cured and how? thank-you very much your response to this can be very much useful.


It would be hard to give any type of answer when this condition is affecting another individual of which we don't know any history. Bruising and vein enlargement can occur from multiple different things - many of which are not serious problems. If you are concerned about the origin of your friend's problem, you will need to talk with them directly. Good luck!

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