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Lung diseases

Calcium deposits on lungs



I had a chest exray yesterday. The Dr. I see said that she saw two spots. She said it was calcium. She said that in the area where I live this was very common. She had a name for it (that I can`t remember) and said something about bird droppings. I don`t really understand what she was saying. She said it was probably nothing to worry about. Can you explain this to me?


It sounds as if you are describing calcified granulomas which are scars in the lungs that are usually caused by infections especially fungi that may be carried in bird droppings.  Over time, these scars calcify and are seen as white opacifications on the chest x-ray or CT scan.  Usually these calcified granulomas do not cause any changes in lung function.

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Ralph   Panos, MD Ralph Panos, MD
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