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Skin Care and Diseases




Why do the bottom of my feet appear yellowish in colour?


The discoloration on your feet can be due to a number of things....All the way from external to internal in origin.  If your feet perspire a great deal and are malodorous it is due to bacteria and occasionally fungi.  If you have a genetic abnormality of keratinization of your hands and feet, they may present with some discoloration.  You may have staining of pigments used in your shoes.  If you have systemic liver disease, it may be related to that.

In short, you need to be examined by a board certified dermatologist who can go into your medical history and your genetic history, and perform a very careful physical exam which may include a biopsy to determine the precise cause of your problem.


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Response by:

Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati