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Prostate Cancer

Is a Biopsy Necessary for an Increase in PSA from 17.7 to 25.2?



My Dad is 85 years old and in good health. However, his PSA has been rising over the past 2 years from 17.7 to 25.2. He sees a urologist every 6 months and has has a bone scan which was negative for metastatic cancer. Should a biopsy be done? If a biopsy is positive, would treatment for prostate cancer be chemical (seeding, hormones) or invasive (prostatectomy)? Thank you.


Prostate cancer takes 10-20 years to kill the typical man. While your father could have early prostate cancer he likely will die of other causes. Furthermore, most men his age do not receive treatment unless the cancer is life threatening and with a PSA of 25 this is likely not currently a problem. I suggest continuing the current 6 month appointments and be guided by them.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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College of Medicine
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