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Skin Care and Diseases

Color discoloration, since sun poisoning



I had sun poisoning last year, now when I try to tan carefully, I have blotches of color discoloration,is there anything I can do for this, or what is the course, I had believed it was sun poisoning, but


The lack of uniform tanning is the result of damage to many areas of your skin from your "sun poisoning" episode and you may never tan as uniformly as you did before.

Instead of trying to tan, I would urge you to use one of the artificial tanning solutions which will give you brown color but will not expose you to ultraviolet light which ultimately can lead to skin cancers.  I would urge you instead to use sunscreens and the tanning lotion.  That way you will protect your skin and achieve the mild browning of your skin that you desire. 

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Response by:

Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati