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Skin Care and Diseases

My daughter has developed a fever



My daughter was in the sun alot this weekend. She drank alot of water and wore sunscreen. She doesn`t have a bad sunburn, she is a little red. My problem is, is that she has developed a 102. fever. Is this from the sun and should I take her to the doctor?


It is highly unlikely that exposure to sunlight that did not result in a sunburn is likely to produce a temperature of 102.  I don't know her age, but she should be examined IMMEDIATELY by your primary care physician.

Significant generalized first degree (red) sunburns may result in some temperature elevation because of cell damage.  That should be rather short-lived, be constant, and not have a spiking component throughout the day. 

In any event, it would be much safer to have your daughter examined by your primary care physician to be certain that there is not some associated infection or early disease.

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Response by:

Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati