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Skin Care and Diseases




my skin is very dry.i was being suggested by someone that u should not use any kind of soap,but i m facing a big problem that due to dry skin there is iching problem with me,that disturbs me a lot.some times there r spots which in future change into black spots.so i need ur support,if u can guide me that is there any domestic way or a simple awy with which i can get rid of this serious problem,coz i m gonna get married,so this problem is causing a lot of harm to me. please help me out. wating for a positive reply.


Your presentation is a bit confusing, and so I hesitate to offer any specific treatment without a very precise diagnosis being established.  "Dry skin" and "itching" may be associated with a number of disorders so I would see your board certified dermatologist at your earliest convenience. 

In the interim I would suggest that you cleanse yourself with nonirritating cleansers such as Purpose bar, Cetaphil bar, Aveeno bar for sensitive skin, etc., rinse thoroughly, and then apply a moisturizer of your choice.  Moisturizers release water  onto the skin and provide an oil covering.  I would speak to your pharmacist.  The pharmacist can help you buy a good moisturizer.

If your finances are limited, you may wish to cleanse your skin by using a mixture of a generic bath oil mixed with water from your tap in a 50/50 by volume ratio.  Use an old cleaned, liquid soap bottle.....Add the two materials together and shake thoroughly.  Place that on your washcloth and rub onto your moistened skin. You will find it will clean you nicely and leave you with a thin layer of oil which makes the skin very comfortable.  Otherwise one of the non-soap, nonirritating skin cleansers would help.

My concern is that you do not have  an accurate diagnosis for your skin problem, so I would urge you to see your board certified dermatologist at your earliest convenience to be certain that the correct diagnosis is established and very specific treatment initiated.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati