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Kidney Diseases

Bruised Kidney



I am wondering about the probability of having a bruised kidney, let me give you additional info to my symptoms. Approximately 3 weeks ago, I fell in the shower, with my right flank region taking most of the blow. I let it slide and felt "ok" for about 2 weeks, when all of a sudden I felt pain like no other. I went about 8 hours without urinating...the pain in my back, side and down my legs was something I had never felt. Nothing seemed to help really, so I visited my physician. Upon doing a urinalysis...she said that I had a bladder infection..and possibly a bruised kidney and put me on an antibiotic and tylenol for the pain. The antibiotic lasted 5 days, and I really began to feel much better, until yesterday. Now I am a week after completing my medication, and I am starting to feel the severe back pain again. The pain is to the right of my back and side and can sometimes take my breath away. I am drinking cranberry juice and water, and urination is sporadic. By sporadic I mean that it can just hit me and I better go before I have no choice or sometimes I feel that I have to go and nothing comes out. Should I revisit my doctor or is this just another sign of healing? Your help is greatly appreciated!


To answer your question: yes, you should revisit your doctor.  The treatment you were started on seems to have been working.  It is possible that another culture would show a different organism.  In my opinion another culture would be very helpful.  Your question about this being "another sign of healing" is something I would not expect. 

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