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metrorrhagia and tailbone pain, connection?



Hi, I`m a 3o year old and I`ve had tailbone pain when sitting very long for atleast the last six months without having done anything to it, so I went to an orthopedic doctor who did an x-ray and found that I had a deformed tailbone. He said that was why it was hurting but why would it just start hurting now. I`m concerned if this could have a connection to my change in menstrual cycles. They keep getting closer together and the last two were only two weeks apart the one before that about three. I`ve always had normal ones before. I had a cold knife cone procedure done for high dysplasia in 1998. I recently had a normal pelvic and pap. I`m very worried about chance of cancer since it runs high in my family (my dad died of lung cancer and so did his dad). I have no insurance so I`m not sure what I should do or if I`m just being paranoid. I`d like to try to have another child as soon as possible (I have two) but I`m afraid if everything is okay to do so. Please Help! Thanks!!


I can't think of a connection between a deformed tailbone and a change in cycles. You should specifically discuss this with your gynecologist who with a more detailed history and physical, should be able to help you with your symptoms. Having a regular history and physical is the most important thing you can do to prevent gynecological cancers. Fortunately, there is little relationship with lung cancer and family history.

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