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Thyroid Diseases

Can Graves' Disease Be Aggrivated by Climate?



First of all thanks for being available to answer questions. I have suffered with Graves' disease for about 7 years now. They removed my thyroid and I have been on different medicines....currently trying Armour Thyroid. My eyes still bother me horribly and have to use gel at night to sleep....I feel horrible when the temperature gets above 90 degrees. I live in Denver and love it but have been thinking that a more moderate temperature with moisture (seattle or portland) may help both of my problems....how do you feel about this. I know Denver has the dryest conditions possible and also has temperature fluctuations weekly. Thanks for your help!


If your thyroid blood tests - especially the thyroid stimulating hormone level (TSH) - are normal on your current dose of thyroid hormone, then it is unlikely that your symptom of feeling horrible and your heat intolerance are related to your thyroid. Start by checking with your doctor about these tests.

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