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Senior Health

My father



My father is seventy-five years old, and has been having episodes of sobbing uncontrolably for the past three weeks. Additionally, he has had one episode of falling and not recognizing how how he fell. He also states he is often unsteady. He had an mri and the doctor says he has had a lacunar stroke. The doctor does not advise any additional treatment, and I need to know if this is appropriate. Does my father have a greater chance of having a major cerebral event? Should he be on a medication regieme, i.e. asa? He has a history of diabetes, and has had until recently, BP approx. 100/60. His BP now is in the range of 160/85. Should this increase in BP be considered as significant? I appreciate any information you can give asap. Also, my father lives 1500 miles away from me. I need to know if he should be moved nearer to my home. My mother is resistant. Thank you.


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