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Skin Care and Diseases




This past week I have developed small water-filled blister clusters on the fingers of both hands. Since childhood, I have had a problem with cold sores, and the blisters seem to resemble what a cold-sore blister looks like. They do not hurt or itch, but they are ugly bothersome. I`d really like to know if anyone can help me identify possible causes? Possible treatment? Thank you.


It sounds like you may have dyshidrotic vesicles on your hands.  Cold sores on the hands are very painful, just as they are on other parts of your body.  The most common precipitating agent with dyshidrosis is the frequent use of irritating soaps.  You may wish to start using nonirritating cleansers, and a good moisturizer following each time you wash your hands.  You might also look into the possibility of using a barrier cream or gloves with cotton liners that are absorbant.  Your board certified dermatologist can review the process more specifically.

Bare in mind that blisters that become pustular may be a sign of other disease processes.  Although they are unlikely to be related to herpes simplex.



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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati