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Face and Jaw Surgery

Jaw dislocation



Hi, 2 weeks ago I had my tooth removed , the tooth next to my jaw, after 1 week my lower jaw moved to the right and my teeth kept squeezing so hard i couldn`t stand the pain, and whatever i did with my mouth i couldn`t move it back to its right position, i called my doctor he ordered me to do a panoramique picture for my mouth, he saw that my right mouth between the bones of my jaw where no liquid to keep them apart, so my bones of my right jaw where on each other that`s why my mouth was pulled to the right, he istnatly gave MYOLASTAN. in half an hour i was fine but it made me very sleepy, now he told me to wait at least on week then he will take the measurment of my mouth to do me a ( Goutiere)(FRENCH) to put it at night. Dear doctor , I want to know if my case is difficult, if i will have these symptoms again, cause i can`t bear having them again, and if that (Goutiere) is enough for my treatment. thanks in advance, and if it`s possible could you send me the answer A.S.A.P and to my mail directly .


To have these symptoms properly diagnosed, you will need to see a health professional. You may require a physical examination. However, by your description it seems that you may have developed a subluxation or dislocation of the joint, which can be treated by the therapy suggested by your doctor.

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Guillermo  E Chacon, DDS Guillermo E Chacon, DDS
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