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Skin Care and Diseases

Red bumps, similar to blisters.



about two days ago i was changing and i noticed a cluster of about 6 small red bumps on my forearm. at first i thought they were bug bites but then i looked around and they were scattered across my entire stomach! there are a few patches on my inner thighs and arms and some scattered strays on my thichs and arms as well. there are a ton on my stomach but none on my back. i went to the doctoe who at first thought it was chicken pocks but ive had the chicken pocks before and they dont really itch. they resemble very small blisters. he then assumed it was some sort of infection from my hot tub which i doubt because i havent been in it for a week, we checked the bromine levels and they are ideal, and the spots arent on my back head neck or calves, all of which i put in the water. please help me as i do not know whether or not to go out and expose myself to others.


Your presentation is most unusual.  The fact that your thighs, arms and torso are involved suggest pityriasis rosea or possibly a pityriasis rosea-like drug eruption.  Your best bet is to see a Board-certified dermatologist who can examine you carefully and establish the correct diagnosis.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati