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Canker sore symptoms



I have been sick with fever and sinus infection for the past few days. I am on Levaquin and Allegra D. When I am sick like this I tend to get canker soars in my mouth. I also get canker soars when I am not sick but more so when I am. But today I went to urinate and I had excruciating burnng pain. I looked to see why and I saw what looked like a canker soar in my vagina. I have never had anything like this before and I have the same partner for over 4 years now. Can you help me with what this may be? Can it be from being sick?


Although much isn't known about the causes of a canker sore, they are not found in the vagina. The only ulcerated lesion of the vagina that is very painful is a lesion from herpes. One can carry herpes for many months or years before having an outbreak. They are the same virus that causes cold sores and can be spread by oral-genital contact. Other lesions such as syphilis cause an ulcer, but is painless, unless infected. Other non-infectious breaks in the skin can cause pain too. You should have it examined and tested for infection like herpes.

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