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Vascular Surgery

Blew out a vein in my calf



while running barefoot, almost 10 days ago, when I stepped down on my left leg, I felt a pop! I was laid up for 2 days in pain, but no swelling or discoloration. Went to the Dr 2 days later and ultrasound showed nothing, so they treated it as a torn muscle. Well, it is now almost 10 days and my leg is swollen and black and blue from the calf to the foot and spreading around te leg. I went back to the Dr yesterday and I am seeing a vascular dr today. My question is, I am just finishing up with chemo and radiation for breast cancer, could this have an cause behind why this would happen. Are my veins weakened because of my treatment????


Bruising often shows up several days after trauma. It can often track further down the leg as you are up and walking around. This is not dangerous and is expected. I would be sure the ultrasound looked at your veins as well to determine that you did not have a deep vein thrombosis. I would otherwise not expect your veins to be weakened just due to your treatment.

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