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Newborn and Infant Care

Guatemala birth measurements



We are adopting a boy from Guatemala. We have just received some limited information about the child. He was born about 6 days ago. His weight is 5lbs. 13oz. Length 44.9 cm or 17.68 inches and the circumference of his head is 32.6 cm or 12.83 inches.

Do these numbers seem normal for a child under 6lbs?


It is hard to look at just these numbers and determine if things are "normal."

The child is smaller than most babies born in the USA would be, but I also imagine that his parents are also smaller than an adult in the USA.

Based on the numbers you have given, his weight would be ok for a term baby, as are his other measurements. Also, all measurements are somewhat subjective, and subject to error by the measurer, and recorder. Also, remember these are just numbers, and DO NOT tell the whole story for the baby's growth inutero.

Congratulations on his birth, and best wishes for many many years of happiness with your new son.

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