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Exercise and Fitness

Weight lifting and cycling



Hi, I used to do weight-lifting about 3 years ago, and have now re-started it now. My exercise routing includes

BENCH PRESS 2 sets (10 reps each) of 15KG on each side of barbell (30KG) 2 sets (10 reps each) of 17.5KG each side of barbell (35KG) 2 sets (10 reps each) of 20KG each side of barbell (40KG) 2 sets (10 reps each) of 22.5KG each side of barbel (45KG)

INCLINE PRESS 2 sets (10 reps each) of 15KG on each side of barbell (30KG) 2 sets (10 reps each) of 17.5KG each side of barbell (35KG)

In addition I use some dumbbell exercies also concentrated on my pectoral muscles (followed by 120 abdominal workouts and 40 crunches)

The thing is I have re-started my regime about 2 weeks ago and am doing this routine 5 times a week (virtually everyday with 2 days off)

(Q1) I`ve been hearing about giving a one day break between each weights session. Will my regime be more/less effective is I followed the routine of skipping a day between sessions

(Q2) To supplement my muscle growth/development, I want to bring in a fat loss regime. I plan to start cycling as a form of cardio-exercise as I find it easier to keep cycling for longer (e.g. can do 30 mins@high intensity) than jog/run for the same period of time (e.g. maximum attained is 13-15 mins at high intensity)

AT what intensity and time duration does cycling really provide an effective fat-loss mechanism. And is it as good as jogging/running in this fat-loss area ? (I talk about intensity as I have been trying to reach the "20mins @ high intensity mark where I burn 50% fat and 50% - could you possibly share your view on this theory)

BTW ... my aim is not to be a big built-up person, but rather to have a well defined body

Thanks a lot


ACSM recommends that you strength train each muscle group two to three nonconsecutive days per week and if possible, perform a different exercise for the muscle group every two to three sessions. It is NOT recommended to train the same muscle group on consecutive days as your risk of injury increases. Also of note: for healthy individuals ACSM suggest that you perform each exercise to the point of volitional fatigue (8 - 12 reps), while maintaining good form rather then just striving to complete a set number of reps.

Improvements in VO2max can occur with a high-intensity stimulus (above 20 minutes) and low duration (below 10 minutes).Cycling, jogging, and running can all provide effective improvements in your level of cardiovascular fitness. I suggest mixing up your cardio workouts by regularly using a variety of exercises you enjoy.

Concerning your intensity, for healthy adults using an age predicted heart rate and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) works well for most. This link to Perdue University will help you determine an appropriate heart rate: http://www.pnc.edu/hr/Wellness/target_heart_rate_zone_training.htm

ACSM recommends an exercise frequency of 3 to 5 days per week. The risk of musculoskeletal injury increases abruptly with increased frequency of training beyond 6 days or more per week. Good luck with your exercise program. Thanks for your questions.

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