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Kidney Diseases

Feeling of bubbles?



Every once in a while I have a sharp pain in what I think is my left kidney. I feel the pain in my back where my kidney is located. It almost feels like a spasm or bubbles moving fast and finally escaping the kidney. It only last a few seconds, then I have a dull pain (kinda like the kidney is sore). Does this make any sense?


People have various ways of describing sensations and pain. Sometimes the description is so typical that one can be almost certain of the cause without an examination. Your description needs to be supplemented by a more detailed history, a physical exam and possibly blood and urine tests in order to determine the source of your flank pain.  It could be the kidney but not necessarily, and your other sensations could be musculoskeletal but not necessaily.

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Thomas   Zipp, MD Thomas Zipp, MD
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