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Pain Management

Nerve Pain or Muscular Pain



Around two years ago I was doing some pull down exercises. The next day I could barely move my left side shoulder/neck area. It was a sharp almost burning sensation but subsided over the course of a week. Now it comes and goes but is progressing. My left arm feels different all the way down to my hand and my upper left back. Is this a pinched nerve and if so is there anything I can do to relieve the pain and discomfort? Defining


It is important for us to differentiate the muscular cause of the pain from the nerve pain. This could be a “nerve pain” which is usually caused by a pinched nerve from a bulged cervical disc, or it may be muscular pain which often resembles the nerve pain.

The first step would be to talk to your PCP and get a good physical exam and then to order an MRI, if needed, for the cervical area. 

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