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Vascular Surgery

Are DVT and vericose veins related



When I was 20 and pregnant with my child I had an extensive DVT that extended the length of my leg, app. 28 inches. With treatment and medication the clot dissipated. Now I am 22 and have developed a large and noticable Vericose vein but not in the same leg. It is painful for me after a long day at work where I am on my feet all day. My doctors didn`t think that it was related to my pregnancy because of the severity of the clot. They tested me for everything and found no real cause for the DVT. I have heard that these teo ailments can be related, is this true and if so should I seek medical attention from my hemotologist


DVT along with pregnancy can cause weakness of the valves in the veins resulting in varicose veins. I would start off by recommending support stockings in the 20-30mmHg range, knee high, for both legs. These should help while you are at work. If the stockings don't work well, I would recommend asking your primary care physician to refer you for a venous reflux study to evaluate the valves in your veins to see what options are available. Good Luck!

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