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Lacunar infarcts



I am 52 and had a sudden onset of Vertigo and was treated but also received a Head CT which showed several Lacunar Infarcts at the base of the brain. I understand these are old and now will have an MRI, Carotid US, Echocardiogram etc. They also want to do a new test called an ENG not EMG.

I have never had any symptoms of stroke and always had good even low blood pressure. I had a head injury from a horse accident when I was 19 with affected my left side for several weeks.

Could this be what they see? and I cannot find info on ENG`s. Thanks for any help.


It is hard to answer some of these questions without knowing your entire medical history, performing a physical exam, and viewing the head CT in question.  It is important to ask these same questions of your physicians.

Having said that, it is possible that they are seeing evidence of the old head injury (presuming that you did suffer a significant injury with changes to be seen on the CT), although the findings of head injuries are not typically confused with lacunar infarcts.  Lacunar infarcts are commonly seen on brain imaging with increasing age, and it may be that they see the lacunar infarcts AND the evidence of the previous head injury.

ENG = electronystagmogram.  I "googled" it and found the following website, which may be helpful:


For more information:

Go to the Stroke health topic, where you can:

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