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I was attempting to ask a question on your website, but everytime I clicked on "Ask An Expert", it took me to a page that told me the process to ask my question. I followed those instructions, only to be directed to the same page AGAIN.

So I am hoping that I can ask my question over email.

I was involved in a car accident in 2003. I went through the medical process, the specialists, and all the testing. I was happy to hear that I only suffered bruising, especially in the right leg, which was the leg to hit the brake in the vehicle.

Two years later. I starting having all sorts of problems with my legs and hips. They crack if I set too long and I become stiff. I recalled being told that I may develop arthritis in the future, so I assumed that this was what was happening.

Now I have other symptoms that are arising and I am worried because I spoke with several people that have arthritis and they reported that they never had these symptoms: -Dull pains that begin midway between the knee and ankle that starts from a small "spot" and seems to radiate slowly into a an area of about 5 or 6 inches. -Sensitivity to pressure. Any pressure on my legs feels like a 50 lb weight being applied-and even with a pillow placed between my knees, it feels like my knee caps are touching and being pushed together with a board between them-OUCH!! -Pressure on my hips when I lie on my back. -My knee gives out on me sometimes. I usually catch it, but I have fallen a few times. -Mild lower and mid back pain

Please, please if you can advise me through this email, I would appreciate it. I agree to all of the terms outlined on your webpage.

Thank you


The problems that you cite may be indicative of something more serious. I would suggest that you contact your family physician, as well as, perhaps, a physiatrist (a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation). They will want to run some tests on your nerves as well as, possibly, a MRI.

I have also CC'd a professional from netwellness so that they can be apprised of the problems that you had with the website.

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Go to the Rehabilitation health topic, where you can:

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